Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sydenstricker Genetics

Myself and Eddie Sydenstricker

Josh Worhtington and myself

The Sydensticker Genetics Production Sale was again a success, grossing $1,460,000 to average $4220 per lot, here is a link to the sale report.  Sydgen Sale Report  The crowd was huge as usual and the cattle were as good as I can remember. It was my pleasure to sell along side Col. Al Conover and Col. Eddie Burks, both of these gentlemen do a excellent job.  Congratulations to all of the Sydgen Crew on a Great Sale!  I hope you all enjoy the pictures and video.
Jordan Hunter Working the Ring 
Wes Tiemann of the American Angus Association Working the Ring

Thursday, November 17, 2011

North American

This past weekend I was in Louisville, KY for the North American.  I had the opportunity to visit with a lot of different people that I had not seen in along time.  The cattle were excellent in all of the breeds that I saw.  It was very interesting to go to some of the Angus Association meetings.  I was able to serve as a voting delegate for the first time and was honored to do so.  It is always enjoyable to meet new folks and catch up with old friends. 
Tomorrow I will head to Mexico, MO to sell the Sydenstricker Genetics production sale on Saturday. The cattle look great and interest has been good, if I can be of assistance to any of you let me know I will be glad to assist you with your purchases. 
Have a great weekend.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Exciting Week

What a exciting week it has been since last Saturday.  On Saturday I sold the XL Angus Mature Cow Herd Dispersal, in Springfield, MO we sold 68 lots to average $2040.  Then that evening I was in Columbia, MO to sell the Calf Quest sale where we had 22 lots of Club Calves, the Travel Channel filmed the sale for the show Truck Stop Missouri, the show should be airing in March.  On Sunday I had the opportunity of visiting Sydenstricker Genetics in Mexico, MO and viewed the sale offering for the Nov. 19th Production Sale.  As in years past the offering is outstanding with females and bulls that can improve any operation. Check out the Sales & Events Calendar page for a link to the sale catalog.
This has been a busy week with four car auctions and in the morning I leave for Louisville, KY for the North American. I look forward to being at the show as well as some of the other Angus events that will be taking place.